Refik Tekin, was born on in Shemzinan-an area belongs to Hakkary province. He studied his primary and secondary school there. After his study, in 2001, in the same place –Shemzinan- he began his first experience on Media and journalism; he worked as an editor in chief for ‘Umut’ magazine which was his first work. This was a social and cultural magazine which unfortunately was closed after three times of publishing.
Then he moved Turkey and stayed in Kurdistan Regional Government and continued his study. In 2010, he graduated in Salahaddin University from Radio and TV Department. Since 2006, along with his study, he worked as a journalist for different places; first as a translator in news agencies and then he worked as a reporter. In the KRG, he worked for so many news papers, magazines and mass Medias as a photographer.
His works
In 2006, he worked for PNA.
In 2008, he worked as a report photographer for Kurdistan Report Newspaper which belongs to Iraqi Kurdistan Parliament (Political and Social department).
In 2009, he worked for Warvin Magazine; meanwhile he worked for Metrography Photo News Agency as well.
In 2010, he did some documentary Spot for CNBC. His photos have published in so many global Medias.
He is still working with Metrography as a photographer.
His Exhibitions:
In 2008, he opened his first personal exhibition in Erbil.
In 2008, he participated by some photos in Diyarbakir Cultural Festival.
In 2009, he joined a common exhibition which is organised by the Ministry of Culture.
In 2011, he joined a common exhibition which is organised by Metrography under the title Iraqi’s Eyes.
In 2012, he participated in a workshop on the Iraqi future by Goethe Institute. Then he joined a common exhibition which was organised by Goethe Institute as well.
In 2012, he played a part in Tiblisi Photo 2012 in Georgia.
In Duhok he participated with some photos in the First Cultural Festival. Besides, his photos joined 18 exhibitions.
In his personal life, his photos mainly show social life, and documentary humanitarian.
From 2009 till 2012, he has worked on the Yezidian people in Iraq; he shows their social and religious life and now he is preparing himself for a new exhibition
He is working with Metrography Photo News Agancy.